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Lighting Controls

By Integral Home Systems

Don't be greeted by a dark home after a long work day. Pull into the garage and turn on the desired lights from your phone.
Did the kids forget to turn off the basement lights? You don't have to go downstairs to shut them off.
Use the app on your phone to program your lights to simulate someone is home when you are on vacation.
Adjust the brightness in any room to create the perfect ambience for any occasion.

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Outdoor Lighting

Illuminated pathways ensure no one misses a step. Comfortable, well-lit outdoor seating areas perfect for entertaining on warm summer nights. Security Lighting to discourage any unwanted visitors. We will help create your ideal outdoor lighting environment.

Indoor Lighting

We create customizable lighting solutions for each room to provide the perfect environment. Whether you want motion activated lighting throughout the home, to control each light from your phone, or traditional keypads strategically placed - we can make it happen.

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